The positivity drive of BJP

Satyabrata Dwibedy

It seems BJP only has the perpetual entitlement of positivity. They can abuse any body any time by any means for their nerrow political vested interest but no one can pose decent to them,which in their terms are negativity and anti-nationalism.

Unfortunately they are not ashamed when their arrogant Bengaluru MP Tejaswi Surya divided communal line in handling Covid and abused Muslim Volunteers. Earlier from the Jersey Cow to Didi-oh-Didi,one can find numerous abusive examples when BJP leaders,especially during Modi regime have abused many respected people.

Surprisingly now BJP is advocating Positivity.I endorses it as a good idea but ,charity begins at home.BJP should initiate it by closing down its troll factory operated by Amit Malabya and the IT cell of BJP.I know they will not,they only expect a one-sided cease-fire from the opposition.I presume this will not happen.The common men of the country are now leading the front to lead the opposition movement of India against PM Modi and his regime.May be the demand of resignation of PM Modi may gain momentum immediately India releaved from the Covid Crysis.The positivity initiative is a advance precaution to save Modi from public anger.I donot hope he can escape the massive public anger that has been erupted at the aftermath of Covid Mis management.Rather keeping fire inside will blaze the establishment of BJP in India.Hopefully BJP will not spare Modi even if probability would grow of any major damage for BJP from brand.Modi.Reason is simple,the vicious circle which Modi-Shah combine has developed in the last six years is exactly any thing about democracy,it is all about dictatorship. They have something ugly idea in their mind ever since Modi conquered Delhi in 2014,that is why they operate Delhi power corrioder through a arrogant group of Rajya Sabha Members.I remember atleast 22 R.S. Members had encroached all the crucial ministries of Modi 01 Government,the situation is almost same in Modi-02.

Even Modi government is losing ground to fight against the dynasty rulers of India.Amit Shah is slowly slipping into the mud of dynasty preference.His son is now the secretary of BCCI.

The money BJP is now investing in elections mocks political transparency and honesty in India.So let BJP not to advocate positivity and people not to be trapped in this emotional appeal of this double standard party,rather it is high time to raise voice to the power,ask them questions what ever is in the mind.Donot spare the ruling dispensation from toff questions.

Ask the question,when our scientists have invented an indigenous vaccine then why not their photo in vaccine certificate instead of Modi?

Ask,what is important for a PM and his ministers,winning elections or life of the people ?

Ask,how you respect mandate and the institutional value of Lok Sabha,why a gang of Rajya Sabha Members are so powerful in your regime?

Ask,when the PM realise the integrity of his position and relinquish the habit of abusing opposition leaders,ex PM and seating Chief Ministers.

Ask,when the President of India will be entrusted same power as the Governar of Bengal behaving West Bengal Government.

Ask,if Ganga purified?

Ask,it is not shortage of missile or fighter plain,it is oxygen, why?

Ask,if oxygen could be arranged after few days of devastation,why not before few days of devastation?

Ask,why the PM of the country is always in a celebration mood,even during a devastation?What was the hurry to declare victory when mighty USA was even battling Covid seriously? 2024 is too far!!

Ask,when will you stop Man Ki Baat and talk Kaam Ki Baat,as advised by Jharkhand CM?

Ask,whether India is going to be praised as Biswa Guru or likely to be abused in the Global community for its Biswa-Gurur(Ego)?


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