The second powerful Odia.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Biju Pattnaik was a power center in national political foray among the anti-Congress political force in the seventies, eightees and ninenties till the Janta dal Governments dominate Delhi Powerplay. However those governments were weak,indecisive, short stayed and irrelevant in the political history of India.Modi government is a decisive government even more powerful then the Indira Gandhi government.In this regime the most powerful man even of bigger clout then Biju Pattnaik is Dharmendra Pradhan.He is the most trusted trouble shooter of Modi next to Amit Shah and has been managing many crucial tasks to coordinate for the Government.The few people those who were clandestinely operating the 370 abrogation mission were including Dharmendra Pradhan.He is the longest serving Petroleum Minister of India so far to accomplice many specific visions of Prime Minister Modi.The main objective of PM Modi is to maintain transparency and clarity in Oil industry of the country. Dharmendra Pradhan enjoys the absolute trust of PM Modi.Two days back in a public rally BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya had made a statement that “Not Dharmendra Pradhan but Prime Minister Modi him self had spearheaded the operation to topple the Kamalnath Government”.It is a complement in itself for Dharmendra Pradhan.Actually operation Kamal was being controlled under the full command of Dharmendra Pradhan.

Nothing ugly in politics and diplomacy.I am not discussing the merit or propriety of “Operation Kamal” but the rise of a Odia leader in the National powerply which was unprecedented so far.

Very often my journalist friends discuss the probable BJP face of Odisha for the race of Chief Minister.Some discuss the names like Baijayanta Panda,Aparajita Sarangi,Pratap Sarangi and even Sambit Patra as contenders of Dharmendra Pradhan.Baijayanta Panda is some how a name to reckon but clout Dharmendra has developed within BJP and his personal rappo with PM Modi is more credible then that of Panda.

Future is unseen and each moment in politics is crucial,many factors are important to consider to select leadership,BJP has a very peculiar track record of selecting leaders.Yogi Adityanath and Debendra Fadnabis are the examples of peculiar choice of BJP,but the Power,privilege and confidence of the top leadership of BJP Dharmendra is enjoying is unprecedented and a pride for Odisha.

It is due to the impotence of Dharmendra Pradhan in union cabinet many crucial projects are being planned and sanctioned for Odisha.The state is under the priority list of Union Government due to the pursuance of Pradhan.This scenario was most unlikely in the previous establishment.

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