What went wrong in Bengal:The lessons for BJP.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Mamata Banarjee Government is a absolutley corrupt Government,people had no sympathy for the outgoing Government,however with a great deal of miracle TMC bounced back in Bangle with bigger margin and more seats.This is the adverse effect of over publicity.We have heard of spoiled childrens, these are the category of child groomed in luxury .BJP as a party has turned into the category of spoiled Child due the excess of money the party has.

Too much money spoiled the party in Bengal.The massive event management,big spending in a dedicated IT cell,massive Helicopter ferry by the Central leaders,to whom TMC turned as Bahari(Out siders) hugu publicity and finally the money distributed in each lanes and bilanes of Bengal combinedly back fired BJP in Bengal.

Let us discuss the technical flows which BJP could not calculate in Bengal.

1.It was a sheer stupidity to abuse a regional leader by the national leadership of BJP.Bengal is not UP or Bihar.The more BJP abused Mamata the bigger the sympathy she started garner from the Bengal Voters.

2.Prime Minister Modi became Ghar Ka Murgi,Dal Batabar.The frequency of visit of PM Modi belittled his stature and gravity.

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