Whether Prime Minister Modi is arrogant or confident.

Satyabrata Dwibedy

We have to understand the vision of the man.He is not a candid reformist,he has been uncompromising when ever question of big reform comes.All the reforms Modi has initiated are mostly anti-electoral politics.These are not vote generating initiatives as they are not part of populism.When Modi came to power in 2014,SBI changed its logo,I thought why this blunder,because logo change for SBI means atleast 100 crores of investment to substitute the publicity,hordings,signage and the total stationary.Today I realised,Modi has a serious distrust to the previous establishment.So he demonetizatised Indian currency with a lot of pain to the normal citizens.Article 370 has been an election promise of BJP without really doing anything substantial,Modi had no choice after getting absolute majority.Either he has to relinquish the promise or perform.He is not a fellow to relinquish,be it power or performance.He performed by clearing construction of Ram Temple and abrogate Article 370.However his smart move on making statement on Aksai China costs dear to India but his response was unimaginable by China. China is a unpredictable land.They reciprocate friendship and enmity in a equal manner. So nothing encourages Prime Minister Modi to appease China and he opted to resist with stronger voice.

Modi believes, when intentions are good there is no harm in conceiving unpleasant reforms.We have seen how populist ideas of leaders like Naveen Pattnaik has destroyed the real development of States like Odisha.When India has witnessed massive industrial,IT,Textile,startup and tourism growth in the last twenty years,the political will,vision and ideas are limited to one meager idea of freebies.

Modi had ruled Gujrat for 14 years without resorting to freebies. He has transformed Gujrat in many count to formalize the industrial eco-system of Gujrat.Even Modi had run the risk of scrapping the epitome of Great Indian corruption MNERGA describing the scheme a ideal of Mughal era to keep the nation poor.It is probably during Covid-19 pandemic Government compelled to resume it to give employment to the labor class.

Modi is firm on the new Agriculture Law.His vision is to end the middlemen culture in agriculture and reduce the stress of agriculture subsidy on Indian economy. The punjab and Mahatastra farmers are not rich by selling their agric produces rather they maintain BMW by enjoying huge unjustified Farm subsidies.This is not the real development of Indian agriculture.Modi is not a person to tolerate bogus ideas to encourage corruption even if it is harmful for popular politics. Unless corporate are not involved the real growth and formalization of Agriculture as industry is not possible.India needs to follow USA to transform the agric Industry.Government alon can’t achive a plan on economic boost,it is the participation of all stake holders leading corporate and industry body who can transform a system,which needs formalization.This farm Law is the road ahead for a transparent agricultural system in India.Punjab is a small province of India contributing a large chunk of agric produce and is still enjoying the lion’s share of Indian agricultural subsidy.This is the route of Indian agricultural distress.Even Mamata Banarjee,the hardcore critic of Prime Minister Modi is silently supporting the new farm Law.The apprehension of Punjan farmers are not justified, they believe that once the wasteland across India will be utilized by corporate participation the subsidy they were enjoying for decades will be distributed proportionately among all and there share will be reduced to panny.However I personally believe by taking bold decisions Modi is separating his trademark from other Peime Ministers of India.He is being followed by many world leaders.

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