Why IMA is so aggressive to Ayurved ?

Satyabrata Dwibedy

Who is the real adversary whether IMA or the pharma lobby ? Sadly we call Ramdev a marchent but not call the zydus,Dr Readdy,Cipla group merchants.Ramdev has the priviledge to be in business.Ramdev has slapped 25 questions to IMA or their mentor,they suppose to answer it.

India’s OTC medicine market is estimated at 6.38 billion dollar and most of it run with many internarionally banned drugs.The medicines that are being used for rheumatology,skin,liver,neuro are the drugs which are costly but less effective then Ayurved.

Ramdev advocating life style changes through Yoga,pranayam and Ayurved medication to eradicate some common diseases permanently.Some case studies suggest Ayurved has many wonder drugs to prevent all kind of traditional diseases. However the market share of Ayurved drugs is abysmal.

Whether Ramdev is a merchant or what is his commercial interest is immaterial, question is which medical procedure is effective ?Let us understand the issue Baba Ramdev is advocating for.The simple plead of Baba Ramdev is take Giloy, Tulsi,Aswagandha- these are raw herbs which can prevent and even cure many patients those who are at the mild stage of Corona.These hurbs can prevent Corona to aggravate in the body.Let us hope that the findings of Baba Ramdev is correct,then we can save valuable lives with just investing additional Rs160 (Aswagansha Powder Rs90/-,Giloy Vati Rs70/-,Tulsi available freely in every house hold)in addition to the medicines Government is providing in the Covid Medicine Kit.It is to mention here that Baba Ramdev is not opposing allopathic drugs in Covid treatment,he is apprehending excessive medication killing people as the medicines have tested side effects.Now the rational argument is when medical experts prescribe drugs atleast Rs25000 per day with Remdesiver and many more why they fear to allow tested Ayurvedic Drugs without side effect merely of Rs160 for a week long medication.When the country is desperate to give ECMO treatment to serious patients investing crorers per patient and no assured result is guaranteed,why is not serious to prevent the progression of disease by encouraging safe Ayurcedic drugs ? Who is discouraging this process,if it is the mafia syndicate operating the Pharmacitucal lobby of India and IMA merely working as its agent ?It is not a matter of few days,but Ayurved has long history of curing Pneumonia and related lungs disease for centuries. Obviously as Ayurvedic is a slow reactive process acute and serious patients need mechanical intervention to survive .So combindly we could achieve saving lives. IMA has no right to confind the treatment process to single system when multiple system is required to face the difficult time.


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